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Openings: Mobiigo Account Managers
and Sales Representatives

Maximize your success with training
and mentorship program.

Today is probably the best time to explore career possibilities in mobile marketing.

Why? There are already around 6.8 billion mobile subscriptions around the world according to the latest estimates. That’s roughly equivalent to the world population of 7 billion. Soon there’ll be more mobile subscriptions than people on Earth.
This changes the way marketing is done. No longer will we rely on using traditional marketing tools. Mobile phone technology makes marketing and sales more effective, efficient, cheaper. There will be instant results, easy-to-use technology platform, excellent tracking of user response, and huge viral potential.
That’s what we offer here at Mobiigo. And we need people who can help us
spread the mobile marketing revolution.
If you qualify, Mobiigo offers a training and mentorship program
to assist in your success.

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